26. marec 2009
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WORK FOR Leo Burnett

FRAMEHOUSE ensured full video post-production of the latest Wiktor Leo Burnett Orange TV commercials again. One of them is from the „I am who I am“ serie and it was directed by the Czech director Dominik Miškovský, the second one directly promotes the product - „Notebook for all“.

The „I am who I am“ commercial was shot by the classic technology (16mm) and FRAMEHOUSE secured the online post-production. One of the most important characteristics of the commercial is the emotion, so we had to create atmosphere of the different parts of the day (early morning, noon, evening), which could not be achieved by simple grading. So we changed the skies, we corrected the colours of the exterieurs and we added some lensflares very gently. All the changes supported the directors way of the documentary shot.

The main „characters“ of the second commercial were the 3D notebook and the structured 2D animation combined out of many ministories.

Online of the „I am who I am“ commercial was done by Miro Vilček, 3D notebook was modelled by Tomáš Slančík a Ján Smarž, 2D animation author is Boris Šíma and online of the animated commercial was done by FRAMEHOUSE post-production supervisor Miro Tallo.